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Philip Dunne MP would like to hear the views of constituents in South Shropshire.

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Action on Cost of Living

Question 1.

How important are the following Government measures to tackling the global cost of living crisis?

a) Helping families keep energy bills low by providing direct support with energy bills?


b) Providing an extra £650 for vulnerable households on means-tested benefits?


c) Providing pensioner households with an extra £300 cost of living payment?


Question 2.

The Chancellor Jeremy Hunt recently delivered his autumn budget, which of the following statements do you most agree with:


Energy and Environment

Question 1

How high a priority do you think reaching Net Zero by 2050 should be?


Question 2

Which sources of energy production do you think the Government should prioritise? (Tick all that apply)

Question 3

Would you support the following if they were proposed within 5 miles of your home?

Wind Farm
Solar Farm

Question 4

Do you use rivers in Shropshire for any of the following recreational activities?

Question 5

How important are clean rivers for recreation?

Question 6

How important are clean rivers for wildlife

Your Views Locally

Question 1

The electoral commission has proposed renaming the Ludlow Constituency to ‘South Shropshire’. Which name do you prefer?

Constituency name

Question 2

To make this survey representative, how did you vote in the 2019 General Election?

Question 3

Thinking back to the 2017 General Election, how did you vote?

Question 4

Thinking ahead to the next General Election, how do you think you will vote?

Question 5

Lots of people find it easier to vote by post, would you like an application to vote by post?

Question 6

How can you help us?

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